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How to Buy Crypto in South Africa?

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Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum is illustrated as physical coins

Buying crypto in South Africa is actually much easier than you may think. If you’re looking for a safe, cheap and easy place to buy crypto in South Africa you’ve come to the right place!

To buy crypto in South Africa you’ll need to set up an account with a local exchange or broker. Although, exchanges tend to be quite confusing and intimidating, especially if you’ve never used one before.

Luckily, Easy Crypto is simple and easy to use for anyone in South Africa!

How to Buy Crypto in ZA

Follow these steps to get started with Easy Crypto South Africa and start investing in crypto today

  1. Sign up

    Simply head over to Easy Crypto ZA home page and choose to sign up using your email address, Google account, or any of the other options we have available.

  2. Verify your account

    Before you can buy crypto you’ll need to get your account verified by the Easy Crypto team. Verification is a quick and simple process, you should be good to go within 3 minutes.

  3. Prepare your crypto wallet

    The next step is to create a wallet. This is because the wallet will not only be the place to store the cryptocurrency but also the tool for you to control the money. There are some choices and you can choose the best cryptocurrency wallet that suits your needs in South Africa.

    Please note that Easy Crypto is a non-custodial service, this means that we do not hold your funds or have access to your wallet. It is important that you keep your wallet safe as if you lose this or anyone gains access to it, you will lose your funds.

  4. Choose the cryptocurrency that you’d like to buy

    Once your account has been verified and your wallet is ready, you can start buying any cryptocurrency that you are interested in. Simply go to our home page and enter the amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to buy.

  5. Provide your crypto wallet address

    Provide us with your crypto wallet address where you’d like the coins to be delivered.

  6. Choose your payment method

    Pay for your order using SiD EFT or manual bank deposit.

  7. You’re all done!

    Now you can sit back and relax while you wait for your cryptocurrency to arrive.

The excellent review for Easy Crypto via Trustpilot as a recommended place to buy crypto in South Africa
The excellent review for Easy Crypto via Trustpilot

Why buy crypto through Easy Crypto South Africa?

There are many reasons why people prefer buying crypto through Easy Crypto. To name a few:

  • You can get your account verified and start buying crypto within minutes of signing up.
  • We offer over 70 different cryptocurrencies on our platform.
  • We offer a 100% funds safety guarantee across all orders.
  • You can have you crypto delivered to your wallet within minutes of making payment.

Which crypto should you buy in South Africa? Click here to read our guide and narrow down your choices.

Why should I buy crypto?

Overhead shot of three cryptocurrencies, namely Ripple XRP, Bitcoin BTC, and Ethereum - all in physical coin format.

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have exploded in value. In fact, Bitcoin was the best performing asset of the last decade! If history repeats itself, buying cryptocurrency now could be a profitable investment in a few years. Many people believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

If this is true, it means that we are still very early! Cryptocurrencies have only been around for 12 years now, with Bitcoin being the oldest, and only about 1-2% of the world population actually own crypto!

Which cryptocurrencies should I buy?

When it comes to investing in crypto, it’s best to do your due diligence and research the best options that are aligned with your investment goals.

Are you investing as a way to diversify your portfolio? Are you more interested in supporting the growth of blockchain technology, and decentralisation of finances (DeFi)?

Regardless of your investment goals, it’s best to research and look into the fundamentals of each cryptocurrency.

Buy cryptocurrencies with ZAR and get the best rates with Easy Crypto.

Making a crypto purchase with your ZAR is safe, quick, and simple with Easy Crypto. Our users also get access to a portfolio tracking feature for your digital assets, auto-buy templates to automate your investments, direct crypto swaps between your assets – and more!

Still curious about crypto? We recommend exploring our library of crypto coin guides to help you familiarize yourself with the many different crypto coins and tokens out there.

Ready to learn more about crypto? Visit our learn site!

With that said, good luck on your journey in the crypto space, and if you need any help please feel free to contact the Easy Crypto team! We are always ready to help 🙂

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